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Dear Tree

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Dear Tree:

Why did you cause us to look so splotchy and ugly? Every other leaf on the forest floor is a clear color of yellow, orange, red, gold or brown. Why do we have to stand out? It’s your fault! If you would’ve lowered us to the ground last week instead of this week like all the other leaves we would look a little more NORMAL! And of course it’s only us! We stand out and everyone who walks along here can see what nebach cases we are!

It’s really because of you tree. You never do anything right.  You get new leaves in June and all the other trees get them in April or May, the latest. You blow to the left and all the other trees blow to the right!  It’s just not fair. I’m going to wait for the next wind and hurl myself against you just to show you that I matter!

Your Upset Leaves


Dear Little Leaves:

I can understand that you are not happy with colors that make up who you are. I can understand that you feel helpless and this was done to you to make you look different and feel different.  I know it’s frustrating to be different from the other leaves and to feel that because you’re different, you’re not normal like every other leaf on the forest floor. I know that you feel if you could change me and all the things about me that you’d be like the others and then feel more normal and happy.

I have a few secrets to tell you that I happen to know because I am tall and see things from a different vantage point and I think it is good time let you in on the secrets:

  1. Because I’m tall and I can see everything going on in the forest, I see all the brown leaves complaining that they’re not more colorful. I see the small leaves complain that they’re not bigger. The big leaves complain that they rip too easily and have a hard time keeping themselves together. Each leaf sees only his disadvantage.
  2. I am dependent on the rain, wind and sun to nourish me and I try to get as much as I can so that I can nourish you and make you look perfect, but sometimes the rain is too little and sometimes too much. I know you think it’s all up to me to craft and design you, but there are many factors that are beyond me.
  3. I’ve learned that regardless of how much I get and how much I give that I can always spread my branches with pride, because I was created by a loving Creator who sustains me through all the seasons. Even when all of you leaves are sleeping peacefully under a blanket of snow and I am bare and shivering, I choose to be grateful for producing you beautiful leaves and hopeful that G-d blessings will bring a new season.


I happened to notice that when the people walk by and survey the many leaves on the ground they always comment on striking beauty that you possess. They wonder how it is that one leaf can have so many beautiful colors at the same time! They comment on what an amazing tree that can provide nourishment that allows for a striking display of photosynthesis. Many people would like to pick you up and preserve you as the most beautiful leaves they ever saw!

I must say that as your producer, I am quite proud and grateful to the One Above who gave me all the circumstances that have allowed you to become my beautiful leaves!


Mama Tree


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