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Clues to Choosing the Career that’s Right for You!

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What’s Your “Zone”?

Does time fly by when you are working in the kitchen? Did you ever lose track of the hours

when you were researching a paper for school?

Maybe you love visiting the elderly in a nursing home and you could do it all day!  Or, perhaps,

working with children (not necessarily your own) is your thing?

“ZONE” or “FLOW” is what happens when you concentrate very hard on one activity because

you really enjoy it. You are so “into it” that you forget to do other things you need to do. You

might even find yourself thinking: “Wow, if I could do this all day, it wouldn’t even feel like


Write a list of occasions when you’ve been “in the zone”. Go back in time as far as you can

remember. That’s the first step…take 10 minutes now and write down the first 5 such occasions

that come to mind.

Now – for the second step – take a good look at your list and see if your activities are connected

more to People, Things, Ideas or Data, or, perhaps, a combination. Most people will find they

have a preference for 1 or 2 categories.

These 4 broad categories define the “World of Work” and give us clues as to what kind of work

we’d like to do.

If a woman is into “People”, she often gets energy from being in a large crowd. Or, she might

want to deal with people, in a one-on-one setting. Either way, she enjoys being around people.

Jobs might include teaching, sales/business and the various therapies.

A girl who’s in her Zone when cooking, baking, sewing, or doing arts & crafts, might be more of

a “Things” person. She likes to work with her hands. Jobs could be sheitle-macher, chef or

seamstress. She might enjoy working as a pre-school teacher, especially if she also likes people.

“Ideas” – if you like to think, you’re here! Jobs include teachers – especially for the higher grades

and the more complex subjects. Health care professions also fall in this category, as will

anything requiring analysis, such as computer programming.

Lastly, if you love numbers, and are comfortable handling a lot of different pieces of

information, you fall into the “Data” category. Bookkeeping and accounting are two obvious

examples of Data jobs.

So … What’s Your Zone?

Sara Brejt, Esq., CPC helps job seekers in our community become more employable and get better jobs.

You can reach her at Sara@SaraBrejt.com or 973-936-9006.



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